Imagine AI Art Generator Tokens: Explained

Imagine exploring a vast library of AI models, each capable of generating unique and captivating artwork, all for just one token. Imagine utilizing side features to add unique touches and refine your vision, each for a small investment.

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Dec 12, 2023
Imagine AI Art Generator Tokens: Explained

Introducing Imagine's New Currency

Imagine AI Art GeneratorAI Art Generator proudly introduces its revolutionary token system, transcending the boundaries of creativity. Picture a world where every stroke, shade, and detail is at your fingertips, all empowered by the magic of tokens.

Tokens Consumption

ModelsTokens Consumption
v 5.22
v 4.11
Imagine Turbo1
SD 335
SD 3 Turbo32
V6 Alpha20
3D Rendering Style1
Unreal Engine 51
Rev Animated1
Orange Mix1
Magic Mix1
SDXL Tattoo1
Google Imagen 21
v5 Anime3
Imagine v11
Realistic Vision1
Dream Shaper1
Meina Mix1
Toon U1
Epic Realism1
Absolute Reality1
Anime v11
Anime v21
Copax Timeless XL1
Dreamshaper XL Lightning1
v 5.1 Illustrative3

FeaturesTokens Consumption
High Resolution1
Steps (less than 40)1
Steps (more than 40)2
Image Variate1

One Token, Unlimited Possibilities: Model Selection

At the heart of Imagine Free AI Image GeneratorFree AI Image Generator lies a diverse collection of AI models, each capable of generating unique and captivating artwork. With tokens, you can explore this vast artistic landscape with ease. Every time you select a model to generate your AI-powered masterpiece, it will cost just one token.

Android Lifetime

Imagine offers a generous supply of tokens with the Professional Plan. You'll receive 240,000 tokens, which is enough to generate art for 6 years!. That's a total value of $500, so you're essentially getting these tokens for free with the professional plan.

Your Artistic Toolkit: Consumption of Side Features

Imagine's token system extends beyond model selection, offering you the ability to fine-tune your artwork with a variety of side features. These features act as creative tools, allowing you to add unique touchesunique touches and push your artistic vision to the limit.

High Resolution

For a mere token, you can unlock the vibrant world of High Dynamic Range (HDR). This feature dramatically enhances the color and detail of your artwork, bringing out its hidden beauty and creating a truly captivating piece.

By investing just one token, you can unlock a world of vibrant possibilities and create truly stunning pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Image Variate

Unleash the power of variation for just one token. This feature generates multiple variations of your initial artwork, offering a diverse range of possibilities to explore and refine. Experiment with different compositions, colors, and details to discover the perfect version of your artistic vision.

image variate example


Prepare your artwork for the world stage with UPSCALE, available for one token. This feature increases the resolution of your image, making it suitable for printing, displaying online, or sharing with others in high quality.


Immerse yourself in the artistic process with STEPS. For one token, you can increase the number of steps used in the generation process, resulting in a more intricate and detailed artwork. For those seeking even deeper detail, increasing the steps beyond 40 comes at a cost of two tokens.


Ensure your AI-generated portraits are picture-perfect with Facefix, costing one token. This feature helps refine facial features, adding a touch of realism and expressiveness to your artwork.

Let's walk through a scenario:

Choose your ideal model, invest one token. Enhance resolution with High Resolution for another token. Refine facial features with Facefix for just one token. Delve deeper with STEPS, starting at one token for less than 40 steps. Share or print your creation with UPSCALE for an additional token. Finally, explore diverse interpretations with Image Variate for one final token.

In total it will cost you 6 tokens in order to use all the features collectively.

50 Free Tokens Every Day!

Imagine AI Art Generator now grants 50 complimentary tokens daily, unlocking a vibrant canvas for your artistic explorations. Dive into diverse models, refine details with precision tools, and discover hidden possibilities within your creations – all without limits.

Dive into a world of limitless possibilities as you choose between our Standard and Professional packages, each tailored to elevate your AI art generation experience.

Standard Package

For users opting for the Standard Package, Imagine AI Art Generator offers both weekly and yearly subscription plans.

1. Weekly Subscription Plan

With the weekly subscription, paid users will receive a generous allocation of 550 credits, allowing them to explore and generate AI art throughout the week.

2. Yearly Subscription Plan

For those committed to a longer-term engagement, the yearly plan provides an even more substantial offering, with a whopping 16,000 credits.

Professional Package

Imagine AI Art Generator's Professional Package designed for users seeking advanced features and higher credit limits. This package, too, offers both weekly and yearly plans, providing flexibility for different preferences.

1. Weekly Subscription Plan

In the weekly Professional Package, paid users will enjoy a substantial allocation of 1600 credits, enabling them to dive deep into the possibilities of AI-generated art on a weekly basis.

2. Yearly Subscription Plan

For the committed and visionary artists, the yearly plan provides an extensive 40,000 credits, ensuring an abundance of resources for continuous exploration and artistic expression.

Top-Up Tokens for Endless Inspiration

For our subscribed users who find themselves in need of additional credits after fully utilizing their plan allocation, we introduce the solution: Top-Up Tokens. Regardless of whether you're on the Standard or Professional plan, these tokens can be purchased to supplement your credit balance. The best part? These tokens never expire,providing a perpetual well of inspiration for your ongoing projects.

Imagine a World of Artistic Freedom: Powered by Tokens

The introduction of tokens marks a new era of artistic freedom and exploration within Imagine AI Art Generator. With each token, you unlock a door to a universe of artistic possibilities, allowing you to customize your creative process and refine your artwork to perfection.

Imagine exploring a vast library of AI models, each capable of generating unique and captivating artwork, all for just one token. Imagine utilizing side features like HDR, Variate, STEPS, UPSCALE, and Facefix to add unique touches and refine your vision, each for a small investment.

Stay tuned for more information about how to purchase tokens, participate in the launch, and unlock exclusive early adopter benefits. The future of AI art is here, and it's waiting for you to explore.

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