How to Use the Imagine Affiliate Program's Promotional Assets?

Explore the enchanting world of Imagine AI Art Generator with the Imagine Affiliate Program's magical promotional assets.

Dec 29, 2023
How to Use the Imagine Affiliate Program's Promotional Assets?

Imagine AI Art Generator creates stunning digital art that will leave you in awe. And guess what? You can be a part of spreading the magic! Introducing the Imagine Affiliate Program – it's like a special club where you get cool stuff to help share Imagine AI Art Generator with others.

We've got a bunch of awesome promotional materials that you can use to show off the magic of Imagine AI Art Generator. So, let's dive in together and discover the excitement of promoting amazing AI ArtAI Art with the Imagine Affiliate Program!

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Promotional Assets and Its Purpose

Before we proceed, let's clarify "promotional assets. These are digital tools provided by Imagine to its affiliates in the Imagine Affiliate Program. Each asset serves a unique purpose, casting a spell on the online world to showcase the wonders of AI art. Promotional assets play a crucial role in affiliate marketing programs by providing affiliates with the tools and resources they need to effectively promote products or services. These assets are typically created and provided by the merchant or advertiser running the affiliate program. Here are some purposes of promotional assets in affiliate programs:

· Consistent Branding: Maintains brand consistency across affiliates.

· Ease of Promotion: Provides ready-made materials for affiliates to use.

· Professionalism: Enhances the professional appearance of affiliate promotions.

· Optimized for Conversions: Includes persuasive elements for better conversion rates.

· Tracking and Analytics: Enables merchants to track affiliate performance.

· Diversity of Channels: Caters to various promotional channels (websites, social media, email).

· Compliance and Guidelines: Ensures adherence to brand and legal guidelines.

· Time Efficiency: Saves affiliates time on content creation.

· Adaptability: Allows for updates based on trends, product releases, or promotions.

Using the Imagine Affiliate Program’s Promotional Assets

To effectively use each category of promotional assets in the Imagine Affiliate Program, you can follow these general guidelines

1. Image Banners: Painting a Picture

Imagine's Image Banners are like attractive pictures you see online. They're made to catch your eye on websites, blogs, or social media. These cool images are there to show you what Imagine's AI Art Generator can do in a visual way. They're like online posters that tell the story of Imagine's cool technology!


Imagine Picture Image Banners as your online art gallery. Make them stand out with straightforward words, logos, and captivating designs to highlight Imagine's impressive artistic abilities in a lively and engaging way. In simpler terms, imagine your Picture Image Banners as a digital art exhibit. Just use clear words, logos, and attractive designs to show off Imagine's artistic skills in a fun and interesting manner. It's like putting up an online art show that people can easily enjoy!

Generated with Imagine

2. HTML5 Banner: Adding a Dash of Magic

HTML5 Banners are like animated versions of regular Image Banners. They add a touch of magic with moving pictures to make online ads more interesting and noticeable. These animated banners work well for promoting Imagine's AI Art Generator, creating a captivating vibe for potential viewers.


Work with tech-savvy experts to make cool animated ads in HTML5. These ads are like online fireworks that pop up with excitement on websites, social media, or in emails.

an animated HTML5 banner

Text links are like secret agents in online advertising. They're flexible and don't grab too much attention. You can find them on websites, blogs, and social media. Their job? To subtly but strongly promote Imagine's AI Art GeneratorAI Art Generator.


Put links in your blog, website, or social media posts that connect to Imagine's brand. Make sure your messages match Imagine's style and create a consistent story online.

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4. YouTube & Vimeo Video: Lights, Camera, Imagine!

Videos are like the storytellers of the internet. They're a lively way to show off Imagine's features, tell success stories, and answer common questions. The aim is to make interesting content that grabs the attention of all kinds of people.


Become a digital filmmaker by creating and sharing videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Make a variety of videos, like ads, tutorials, and stories from happy customers. Share these videos on social media to reach more people.

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5. Facebook Post: Sharing the Magic

Think of Facebook posts as the magical doors to Imagine's special world. These posts are designed to easily take your friends into this amazing place and encourage them to share and build a community together.


Share cool Facebook posts about Imagine using pictures. Add links to the website and encourage others to join in, creating a fun online community.

Generated with Imagine

6. Tweet: Whispers of Imagination

Tweets are short and powerful messages on Twitter, like little announcements. They help spread the word about things you want to promote by using specific tags that make them easy to find."

Imagine Twitter as a big virtual town square where people share news and talk about different topics. When you tweet, you're like someone standing in the square saying, "Hey, check this out!" The hashtags are like signs that help people who are interested find your message more easily.

So, using tweets with the right hashtags is like making your announcement louder and reaching more people in the virtual town square. It's a way to get more attention for whatever you want to share, like a cool product or an exciting event.


When you're posting on Twitter, keep it short and sweet! Make your tweets strong and to the point, fitting them into the character limit. But here's the cool part – add some hashtags related to what you're talking about. Think of hashtags like magical boosts that make your tweets easier to find in the huge Twitter world. It's like turning up the volume on your message so more people can hear and see what you're saying.

So, use those hashtags like magic words to get your tweets noticed by lots of people!

7. XML Product Feed: Tech-Savvy Conjuring

For those who love tech stuff, think of the XML Product Feed as a handy tool. Its job is to assist affiliates (people who promote Imagine's products) in showcasing these products on their websites. It provides details like product names, descriptions, and prices, helping to create informative and attractive displays."

Imagine you're into technology and want to promote products from a company called Imagine. The XML Product Feed is like a smart helper for you. Its main job is to make it easier for you to show Imagine's products on your website. It gives you important information about each product, such as its name, description, and price.

This way, you can create really cool and detailed displays on your website to let people know about these products. It's like your secret weapon for making your website look awesome and helping people discover and understand Imagine's products better!


If you're comfortable with technical aspects, take advantage of the XML Product Feed. This tool helps you present all of Imagine's products in a detailed way on your website. It's especially useful for giving your visitors a complete view of Imagine's product range.

You can use it to create gift guides, which are like suggestions for presents, and provide in-depth information about each digital art piece. So, it's a powerful tool to enhance your website and make it more informative for your audience.

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Conclusion: Crafting the Magic

Join the Imagine Affiliate Program, and you'll get special tools to help promote Imagine's AI Art Generator. These tools are like brushes for the internet canvas. You can use them smartly to tell a great story about Imagine's AI art on social media and other online places.

Affiliates, use these tools to create a captivating picture of Imagine AI Image GeneratorAI Image Generator. Make the internet shine with the magic of Imagine's art!

Step into the artistry of Imagine AI Art Generator– available seamlessly on the Web, AndroidAndroid, and iOSiOS. Dive into creative possibilities with Imagine APIAPI. Elevate your journey further by joining the Imagine Affiliate ProgramImagine Affiliate Program to share the magic!

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